Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving house ;-)

Hello! I have taken my weekly photography blog over to wordpress.com, (starting this week) the following being my new address: http://ellesphotographicadventures.wordpress.com/

I was having some uploading issues at blogspot and it was get a tad frustrating. I hope you will follow me to wordpress, to keep enjoying my weekly updates :-)

Here's a teaser for you...

Burragorang look-out

See you there! :-)

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Gerringong Christmas

We spent a lovely Christmas Day in Gerringong with Mum and Dad. On the way to Gerringong, we stopped at our regular look-out where I snapped one photo and the rest are a bit of a mixed bag, taken around Mum and Dad's home...

Part of a house I spotted form the
look-out; nicely tucked away...

"I'm just stepping out!"

Bullrushes in the breeze...

The steps to...?


Ripening on the vine...

The old man's clogs ;-)

A visitor under the deck.

From under the awning...

Pretty little Miss!

For my anonymous friend, here is the link as promised to view "Cover the rainbow":


Monday, December 19, 2011

Cumberland State Forest

We feared and expected rain yesterday, but off we went anyway to a magical place in the middle of Pennant Hills, not far from Ray's work. It was quiet, peaceful and utter bliss! Late in the afternoon... it seemed to be just us and a few dog-walkers...

Peeling tree.

Many beautiful tall trees.

New life.

Looking up!

I'm thinking this is from the acacia family, anyone know?

Seeds and leaves.

An unknown species of plant to us; but we shall not give up!

Kangaroo paw.

Pretty purple daisy...was on the ground for this one!

These gorgeous purple berries caught my eye.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Parramatta Park

This weekend we ventured out to Parramatta Park. It's a lovely place to be; surrounded by beautiful trees, rich, green grass and the river... We strolled and photographed, stopping for a cuppa at the park's café, before heading home. It was lovely to be out with the camera again, I missed it. I hope you like this collection of photographs...

Keeping it in perspective.

Through the arch.

Looking UP!!

Parramatta river and some of the city's
buildings in the distance.

A tree we took refuge under while we
waited for a small shower to pass.

Stuck together by web, it seems...

The spider responsible? ;-)

Some lovely jacaranda colour.


Some greenery...

Monday, December 5, 2011


This weekend's plans were altered slightly by the downpour we received on Sunday afternoon, so I sifted through some old photos to make this week a 'flora' theme...


Hmmm, any ideas?

A sea of pink...

A gorgeous light pink rose...


Rose in full bloom!

Lovely lavender.


Ready to burst into life!

Arum lily

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Beach - Part 3

Still at Bondi, but no longer for the beautiful sculptures. This week brings you 10 images of the surrounds of Bondi Beach as we meandered along the path toward Tamarama Beach.

Bondi Beach.


Nature's own sculpture.

Rocks and water

A lone angler...

A touch of green.

A glimpse of white water.

Three tiered beauty.

Up close and personal...

The balcony...and what a view it had!

That was the last of Bondi Beach! I wonder where this weekend will take us?? Until then! :-)